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Stratford Upon a Time...

Today was our first day trip, and our first day of having to wake up way to early, but it's okay because Stratford-Upon-Avon was well worth it. Though we did have a bit of a problem with the waking up on time bit, so I had to navigate my way there by train. However, even that I'm not mad about because I actually found the train ride really picturesque and peaceful.

It was a nice way to start the day. I took a short nap, did some reading, watched the view for a bit, and before I knew it I was in the beautiful home of the bard himself.

Shakespeare's Birthplace

The main reason for the trip being to see a production of "As You Like It" by the Royal Shakespeare Company, but before that we had some time explore the lovely town. Although lovely really falls short of describing how beautiful this town is, it is honestly, something straight out of a fairy tale. It's incredibly quaint and peaceful, with classic english houses and shops, and beautiful park! I can see why Shakespeare wrote so many amazing poems and plays, the scenery alone really gets the inspiration flowing.

My first stop was a late brunch at cafe just across from Shakespeare's birthplace. I had myself my first traditional English breakfast with a tea, of course. Everything was delicious. Though I did come to realize that restaurant servers in the UK aren't nearly as eager to flip your table; once they bring your food, if you don't flag them down, you won't see them again. They are very content to let you hang out, drink tea and read for as long as you want. And believe me, I took advantage.

Then I explored the town a bit more, found the bookstore and library, as well as the Peter Rabbit shop. Then I decided to start heading towards the theater and found an adorable park that I had a little time to explore before the play started.

Finally, I headed into the theater to see my first Royal Shakespeare Company production. I really enjoyed the play and I particularly like the modern touches they were able to include. I always find it interesting the way theater groups are able to adapt classic works to put their own twist on it. The costumes were also a standout for me, as well as cheeky British humor (some Shakespeare's jokes, some the actors'). Overall, it was a wonderful first RSC visit, and I hope I'll have many more!

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