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Current Research

Scoping Review of critical thinking strategies for the CARS section of the MCAT - Ongoing


Sablatzky, Tenley. “Lunchable Day.” The Dillydoun Review. Issue 4, May 2021. Accessed June 9, 2021.

Completed Projects

Comparative Study of Access to Health Information in the United Kingdom

​This research project analyzes what individuals in the United Kingdom during the cholera epidemic of the 1800s knew in terms of health, how they received their information or misinformation, and what sources were deemed reliable and by whom. This historic analysis was then compared and contrasted with how modern individuals in the United Kingdom access health information as a way of learning what has changed, improved, and what should be improved.


  • Familiarization with medical databases including; PubMed, MedlinePlus, NNLM

  • Scholarly research performed on-site at libraries around the London area

  • Interviewed librarians and health professionals in the United Kingdom

Access to Health Information Literature Review

This research project is designed to look at how diverse populations find health information on the internet. While many electronic medical databases provide physicians and health information professionals with access to reliable health information, the question remains whether average citizens are aware of these databases, or if they’re locating for information from popular sites such as Google or WebMD. The literature review covered the search strategies and semantic language used on a variety of databases to determine communication effectiveness of general medical websites compared to subject-specific health databases.

Digital Archives/Collections Management

As a library intern for the Air Zoo: Aerospace & Science Museum, I have been able to assist in electronically cataloging and organizing their collection of over 6,000 materials. As the collection had never been cataloged electronically, and the library hasn't been staffed full-time since late 2017, there has been a massive learning curve and adjustment period. Through my research, I not only keep track of our progress and examine what happens to a library without routine collections management, I've also performed comprehensive literature searches about archives management in the digital age. 

Quiet Students in the Classroom

“Quiet” students experience many counter-intuitive effects based on classroom size, knowledge of the subject, peer and authority figure demographics, as well as the specifics of their own personality. Determining the specific struggles of each student is a significant problem area and can cause many teachers challenges when it comes to engaging these students in their classrooms. By observing a variety of “quiet” personality types, determining the specific factors and traits associated with each, it is plausible to adjust the classroom scenario to the needs of all students, thus making it easier to engage all students in the classroom.

Erasure Poetics

As a thesis project, I created a collection of erasure poetry, in order to answer questions about the form such as; why it's significant, how it's different from other forms of poetry, and why it deserves to be studied? 

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